The nature of my project has never been about boiling anything down, but rather exposing the complexities of human experience; particularly one's self as subject and the world as object.

The 'self' and the 'other' play a pivotal role as subject matter within my manipulations with language - locating, defining and ultimately obscuring any kind of singular 'meaning' behind or beneath the surfaces of the world. These games (self imploding sentences, misreadings , backfirings revisions, second thoughts etc.) offer access to the hope for authentic - if flawed - communication while confronting the indeterminacy of language, both literary and abstract. I use these self-conscious devices for a 'defamiliarizing' effect.

Text allows the work to maintain a narrative thread while maintaining an allegiance to non-figurative imagery. I play the role of scavenger when it comes to the texts I use. I think of these selected fragments as a kind of linguistic 'road kill' - skeletons on which to hang the material of the painting. I am engaged with texts that evoke a certain prickliness or an emotional angle that is slightly askew, with an emphasis on themes rooted in an emotional or psychological realm rather than the intellect. Sensation overides thought, just as fantasy takes the place of history.

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