Mia Feuer
Debris I-VI, 2009

Six sculptural sketches, also referenced "drawings", constructed in styrofoam and enamel paint. Sizes range from approximately 3x3x1' to 9x1x1'.

Constructed to resemble metal beams and rivets in various states of torque, Debris poetically employs the illusion of space, weight and materials. This project, Debris, illustrates elemental themes that appear repeatedly in Mia Feuer's work, investigating the tension between destruction and rebuilding; despair and hope; descent and elevation.

Debris 1

Debris I, 2009

43H x 54L x 16W", Styrofoam/enamel (black)

Debris 2

Debris II, 2009

105L x 35H x 5W", Styrofoam/enamel (black)

Debris 3

Debris III, 2009

52H x 16L x 10W", Styrofoam/enamel (blue, dark blue, orange)

Debris 4

Debris IV, 2009

105L x 35H x 10W", Styrofoam/enamel (blue)

Debris 5

Debris V, 2009

70H x 27L x 27W", Styrofoam/enamel (blue)

Debris 6

Debris VI, 2009

85H x 18L x 15W", Styrofoam/enamel (blue/light blue/white)

Debris 7

Debris VII, 2009

85H x 18L x 15W", Styrofoam/enamel (blue, red)

Debris 8

Debris VIII, 2009

45L x 35H x 15W", Styrofoam/enamel (blue)

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